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Name: NuDimensionz
Location: UK
Tools of Trade: NuMark TT 500's, Xone 23 & Serato

Info: Drum & Bass 4 Ever


Organalogue Crew

Name: /
Location: Global
Tools of Trade: Bass.

Info: Organalogue is a bunch of bass junkies…… Thing1, Khz ,Milkybstrd, Magor Caiger, NuDimensionz, GeeXone, Haxxor



Name: Tarlock
Location: Iver, UK
Tools of Trade: 2 powerful pcs, Traktor skratch, 1200 mk5 a+h xone

Info: THING1 was found under a bass bin in a field full of Sunflowers. Armed with a pair of 12s and a bass bin heart beat THING1 continues to defy those that want to turn the volume control anti-clock wise. The keys to the darkest horror and the brightest sunshine will be fired across the dancefloor by this re-wired producer/DJ. Much love and peace goes out to the supporters of new music, the same goes to the H8RS.



Name: /
Location: Poole, UK
Tools of Trade: Traktor Kontol S4 & Traktor 2

Info: Mostly a digital DJ who refuses to stick any particular style, DnB/Dubstep/Breaks/Acid/IDM/House/Reggae...if it shakes your ass or the house - It gets a look in.



Name: RA:SKL
Location: London, UK
Tools of Trade: CDJ1000

Info: Have been producing for almost 10 Years. Started out with UK Garage and Hip Hop, went to House/Electro/Fidget until the grittier sounds of todays Dubstep came along. I first started releasing my music with self founded 'RMS' consisting of RA:SKL, Jens Fokking and Soho (Soundratio), and went solo when the genres in the collective started to change drastically in 2009. Since then I have been producing and DJing as RA:SKL and reached several national venues plus a few international, and released EP's and EP's on labels like: Eight:FX, Foulplay Records, Rogue Dubs and Abducted Records to name a few.



Name: Evan Koester
Location: Boston, United States
Tools of Trade: Technics 1200s

Info: Ever since he touched a record, his desire to create and expand musical potential has lead him to his passion. Sheep is a vinyl-only drum and bass DJ, who spins all around the genre with the single mantra of “if it's not good, I don't play it”. With his sound spanning from the heaviest neurofunk around to the most atmospheric jungle sounds, the quality is the same: High level play that is sure to pack a punch. Witness it for yourself.



Name: Logan
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Tools of Trade: All pioneer, CDJS/DJM800

Info: Always been a musical person... I love it in all of its forms. I spin drum and bass mainly because I've found other music not as interesting and not nearly as fun to mix. The more time I've spent mixing drum and bass the more I've realized there is almost endless room for creativity. I try to have an eclectic style, but I definitely have a soft spot for the liquid. I've started a small bass music project with my good friend MRDR, we've been trying to get into producing and promoting in our city, as the bass scene is really blowing up here. Drum and Bass has been getting more exposure lately because of Calgary's love affair with dubstep, and I've been hoping to give it even more visibility - maybe this show will help! Peace, LoGo.


Name: /
Location: Darmstadt, Germany
Tools of Trade: 2x Vestax PDX-a2, Rane Empath Mixer, Stanton Groovemaster 2-Pro Cartridges

Info: Started spinning 12 years ago. It all began with techno, but i came over to the trueschool hip-hop and turntablism thing and over that i got into dnb. Nowadays i'm mainly playing dnb and deep/techhouse.

Name: /
Location: Houston,Texas US
Tools of Trade: Vestax Vci-300 w/Serato itch

Info: Been producing for 10 years djing for 8 years.

Name: Kris
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Tools of Trade: Numark PPD01, 2x Tech 12's MK2 . Mix both vinyl and digital using NI's Traktor Scratch

Info: After spending a few years in the local rave scene, I decided I wanted more out of the music I was listening to so I decided to start DJ'ing. I bought my first pair of turntables in the summer of 2004 and haven't looked back since. I taught myself how to beatmatch using a crate of 1990's house records I had picked up from a friend. Once I had gotten the basics down I moved on to harder styles such as Hard Dance and Happy Hardcore. It wasn't until I discovered how fun Drum & Bass was to mix that I decided to stick to it. I've been playing DnB for about 2 years now and have been loving every moment of it. I've now got a bi-weekly residency as part of a series of events called School Of Bass at Brixtons in downtown Ottawa. Along with a couple of friends we will be bringing a whole new dimension to Ottawa's DnB scene. If you like you DnB & Dubstep then this is the place for you.

Carbon Copy
Name: Stirling.D & Adam.B
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tools of Trade: Drum & Bass, Glitch Hop

Info: 403DnB

Kalix & Kron
Name: Kalix & Kron
Location: Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Tools of Trade: 4 Tech 12's, 2 cdj-800's, Djm-700, Serato, Traktor, Ableton, Protools, Logic.

Info: Hailing from Vancouver ex-metal headz hit the underground electronic scene with a vengeance. When were not shotgunning beers or smoking blunts we are producing D&B, Drumstep, and Dubstep. With influences from a wide variety of artist, both from the electronic music scene and the metal scene such as Noisia, Dieselboy, Excision, Figure, Ed Rush & Optical, Spor, In Flames, C.O.B. and As I Lay Dying, our producing and mixing hits hard and hits LOUD! Bass music is in our blood and we are here to stay.

Local Lee
Name: Liam Morrill
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tools of Trade: 1 Cdj 850 , and 1 800. And a Djm 600

Info: I have had a interest in bass music since 5 years ago after meeting a friend and future roommate in residence. As well festivals like shambhala have opened new doors to my musical likings. Iv been mixing for about 2 years, love drum and bass, or anything that gets people dancing. And that's about it as of now!

Team Audio Criminals
Name: Kurtox,
Location: Australia
Tools of Trade: 2x Stanton STR8-150s, 2x Pioneer CDJ800 Mk2 (or CDJ400s), Pioneer DJM500 (or Behringer DDM4000), Tr

Info: Team AC hails from Perth in Western Australia and play the best in Drum n Bass, Breaks and more. A group of like minded individuals who have played at all sorts of clubs, events, doofs etc

Strange Manner
Name: Curtis Tiberghien
Location: Calgary, Ab Canada
Tools of Trade: Macbook Pro, Numark 4Trak, Traktor Scratch Pro, Stanton str8-80's

Info: Grew up always surrounded by music, I love many genres but I spin mostly DnB, love liquid and neuro! I also enjoy switching things up with some nice deep house or some UK garage! Music is my passion and spinning feeds that passion!

Name: Samantha
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Tools of Trade: 2 x Tech12 MK2, Vestax PMC-08 Pro, Serato Scratch Live, MacBook Pro

Info: I've been spinning for 4 or so years now. Always loved a lot of music but wasn't sure where I fit in until I started spinning drum and bass. Since then, it's had by heart, but you can catch me spinning breaks, house, and funk from time to time still! Love to take people on a journey with different sub-genres and love to try out new music while learning a little myself.

Name: Cory
Location: Boston, MA
Tools of Trade: 2x Technics 1200s, Pioneer DJM-600

Info:Started with digital and moved to a vinyl world.  Catch me spinning mostly tunes in the 120 range.

Name: Mindscan
Location: Boston, MA
Tools of Trade: Pioneer DDJ-SX, Serato

Info: Been into electronic music all my life, got into DNB around 1999, kinda dabbled in mixing but didn't get serious about it til last year. Always loved the dark techstep & neuro sound, but been getting more into the minimal side of Drum & Bass lately. I'm also a huge fan of Minimal Dubstep and I'll sometimes spin House/Techno, Glitch-Hop, and whatever else that sounds good to me.

28 Gun Bad Boy 
Name: Evan
Location: DC, USA
Tools of Trade: Stanton ST150s, Xone 22, Traktor S2

Info: Always been a massive fan of electronic music and hit the DC bass scene immediately when I became of age. Shortly after I started collecting vinyl and began DJing. I'm inspired by all things dub related but I don't let it define my sets. You can catch me spinning a variety of genres such as dubstep, jungle, downtempo, house, breaks, and whatever else I find crate digging.

Name: Mellow
Location: Netherlands
Tools of Trade: 2 CDJ 800 MK 2 and DJM 250

Info: Born in the year of 1996, started drumming at the age of 4 and producing music since 2010. It’s obvious that music has always been a big part of his life, taking a big interest in all kinds of music. The first contact with bassmusic occured when he heard Horsepower Productions while visiting his neighbour. Falling in love with the grooves and deep basslines, he quickly began working on his own music. While getting better and better and picking up DJ’ing along the way, his talent soon got recognized by the ‘Klassebass’ crew. Where he now has found his home. As a perfectionist Mellow is constantly polishing his productions and DJ skills, not to forget murdering dancefloors along the way. Be sure to be on the lookout for this kid in the future.

Name: Know1
Location:  Victoria BC, Canada
Tools of Trade: Behringer CMD Studio 4a, Traktor 2

Info: I started out playing the drums at 12, but I've always loved electronic music.  
I started mixing in 2011.  I spin D&B/Jungle/Downtempo/Trip-Hop.


Name: Kruptah
Location:  Ottawa, ON, Canada
Tools of Trade: Technics 1210 MK2's, Rane TTM 57SL, Denon DS1 Serato

Info: Grew up listening to Dancehall & Reggae. Was hooked on Jungle from 1999. Introduced to Grime around 2002-2003 through a video segment of footage from a Sidewinder event in London on my nation's music station (Much Music). Started throwing Dubstep parties in 2007 until 2009 in Toronto. Been deejaying for about five years. Wide collection of records spanning multiple genre's. Digital collection is always expanding. One thing, like everyone on this site that I don't lack is passion. Since I was a youth music has moved me, especially that with bass and rhythm that make you wan't to wind your waist.
Name: Alena
Location:  Alberta, Calgary, Canada
Tools of Trade: Serato SL3 + Pioneers CDJ 400s and DJM 800

Info: I've always loved music, it is the biggest part of my life and  it never stops satisfying and amazing me. It brings me so much joy.
I first started djing in 2012, I was mostly into psytrance back then although I always loved all electronic music genres. In the last year or so I have fallen in love with Drum and Bass and mostly spin liquid with reggae flavour in it. Although I keep my mind open and love all the subgenre's of drum and bass, I definately have a big heart for neurofunk and jump up too!

I just love it ALL! <3 


Name: Jp
Location: Oslo, Norway
Tools of Trade: Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

Info: Ever since he heard Sheepy's wicked mixing on the radio, he instantly felt a rush to get into the mixing game <3 


Tuscan Whale

Name: Tuscan Whale
Location: Manchester, UK
Tools of Trade: Technics 1210s, Rane Sixty-Four

Info: Heavily influenced by the Manchester rave scene I started DJ-ing at Glasgow house parties in 2010 after moving there to study. I soon found there weren’t many Drum & Bass nights in the city so a few like-minded friends and I formed Frogbeats Collective (frogbeatscollective.co.uk) as an outlet for the music we love. I have played many clubs & festivals over the years and supported acts such as Sam Binga, Spectrasoul, Stray, DJ Vadim and Optimo.

I have also released music on labels such as

Handpicked. (hndpcked.co.uk),

Millennium Jazz Music (millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com),

Philanthrobeats (philanthrobeats.org.uk)

and Abaga Records (abagarecords.com)

covering a wide range of genres including Trip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Dub and Electronic.

 Follow me at:





Bookings: [email protected]